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Author(s): Rafiga Sakhavat Shahmarova*

The article is devoted to the technology of obtaining quality cast iron. Based on the results of the research, a technological regime has been developed and applied in production. It was possible to improve the properties and structure of the same eutectic cast iron by the obtained controlled melting method. In order to obtain high-density cast iron, it is also necessary to limit the amount of silicon in the shit and add it to the alloy during modification. For obtaining homogeneous composition it is necessary to process alloy at 1703-1723K within 15 minutes. One of the main factors in obtaining of qualitative cast iron is the purity of the shit material from various additives. These additives change the structure and properties of the alloy by changing its physical and chemical state. It turns out that in order to get qualitative cast iron, it is necessary to obtain synthetic cast iron using steel scrap, which is purer than additives. One of the most important processes in the melting of synthetic cast iron is the carbonation of the liquid metal. For the carbonation process to take place, the temperature of the metal must be higher than 1673K. In the melting of synthetic cast iron, there must be a certain relationship between the chemical composition, high temperature and the storage time at this temperature (thermal processing). Experimental results show that each percent of silicon in a synthetic cast iron alloy reduces the solubility of carbon by 4-5%. Therefore, after carbonization of synthetic cast iron, it is necessary to add silicon to the alloy.

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