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Author(s): Azad Agalar oğlu Bayramov* and Imanov*

One of the main directions of the military management system development is the improvement and wide automation of field communication networks of the military authorities. States continue to advance their tactical networks to counter these emerging threats, enable new forms of maneuver and maintain integration with military IT services available stateside-all while taking advantage of rapid innovation from the commercial IT industry. Specific to network modernization, communicating securely with command-and-control and other units within the increasingly communications-reliant battlefront landscape is critical to ensure the success of the mission and the safety of war fighters. However, as the army evolves and missions require units to be mobile and support many tactical capabilities, critical communications infrastructures are becoming more difficult to establish and maintain. In this paper, it has been shown a role of modern telecommunication technologies in development of army signal centers. It has been proposed to set up a field army radio communication center in the form of modules.

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