Black Sea Scientific Journal Of Academic Research

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Author(s): Mamedov Ariff* and Mamedli Narmin Rasim Gizi*

The features of the behavior of powder aluminum alloys alloyed with transition metals have been studied on the example of Sintered Aluminum Powder (SAP). A new alloy composition consisting of powders 5-25% Al2O3, 1.5% Cr, 1% Ni and the rest-Al has been developed. After cold pressing and subsequent sintering at 650oC, this alloy shows high strength properties and during operation at 550oC, these characteristics are almost preserved. This behavior of the developed alloy expands the area of SAP implementation and in this case it can successfully replace titanium and high-strength steels in operating conditions under the influence of temperature. For example, the proposed SAP at room temperature has a tensile strength of 400-500 MPa, and when operated above 300oC, its strength significantly exceeds the strength of the best aging aluminum alloys. The studies carried out made it possible to determine the optimal content of transition metals (nickel and chromium) in the new SAP. Their amount in the new SAP is 1.5% Cr and 1.0% Ni; it is exactly in this composition the condition of the formation of Al3Ni type solid phase is created. At the same time, the use of plastic deformation of this alloy leads to a significant increase in the complex of physical and mechanical properties

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