Electrical & Electronic Engineering

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01010 Electrical Circuits Fundamentals

01011 Electrical Circuits and Wiring Systems

01012 Electrical Troubleshooting and Faults

01013 Harmonics in Electric Power Systems: Effects and Prevention

01014 Transformers: Basics, Maintenance, and Diagnostics

01016 Electric Power Distribution Systems Design and Installation

01017 Electrical Design of Overhead Power Transmission Lines and Installation

01018 Electrical Grounding, Surge and Lightning Protection

01019 Power Distribution Systems. Smart Grid

01020 Maintenance and Troubleshooting of UPS Systems

01021 Electric Motors and Variable Speed Drives

01022 Electrical Distribution Principles and Applications

01023 Power Compensation Control Strategy and Modelling

01024 Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition-SCADA systems 

01025 Partial Discharge Detectors & Testing 

01026 Reactive Power Management and Power Factor Correction 

01027 Theory and Application of Industrial Electronics 

01028 Overhead Lines, Maintenance and Construction 

01029 Construction & Design of Overhead Transmission Lines

01030 Cable Termination & Wire Connectors

01031 Load Flow or Power Flow Analysis

01032 Design and Optimization of Overhead Transmission Lines. 66&11 kV OHTL Design Using

PLS-CADD (10 Days)

01033 High Voltage Electrical Safety

01034 Instrumentation, Controls and Electrical Systems for Facilities Engineers

01035 Distributed Control Systems DCS Programming Essentials

01036 Design and development of high-power DC to DC Converters

01037 Air Circuit Breaker Construction and Operation

01038 Troubleshooting Printed Circuit Boards, Design, Implementation

01039 Electrical Protection Devices: Construction & Maintenance

01040 Diesel Generator: Operation and Maintenance

01041 Power System Control and Protection

01042 CYMGRD-Grounding Grid Analysis

01043 Industrial Electronics Maintenance Skills

01044 Arc Flash Analysis and Prevention Techniques

01045 Electrical Insulators Specifications

01046 Transmission Lines Operations, Protection and Maintenance

01047- Power Plant Operations and Maintenance

01048 Switchgear and Circuit Breakers

01049 Basic Instrumentation For Process Operators

01050 Digital Image Processing Using MATLAB (DIP)

01051 Introduction to Digital Filters with Audio Applications